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Namaste by Delhi Darbar Indian Breakfast


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55 Saint Enoch Square, Glasgow, G1 4BW

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This is breakfast but not as you know it! Whether your taste is more traditional or if you're tempted by a touch of the exotic. Namaste by Delhi Dalbar will set you up for the day ahead. Find comfort in the somewhat familiar or dive into the unknown if you dare!

Fresh and fluffy Naans are oven-cooked to order, buttered, then drizzled with our delicious chilli chutney and given a light masala dusting.

Tradition Indian Paratha served with home-hung yoghurt which is flavoured with subtle spices and boondi, also served with achar.

Introduced by the British, tea has become India's lifeblood over hundreds of years. Our Tea Library holds a collection of exceptional artisan teas.

Coffee in India dates back to 1670 when Sufi, Baba Budan, is said to have travelled there from Yemen, planting seven coffee beans at the foot of the Chikkamagalur Hills.

A traditional yogurt based drink blended with fruit and spices. Superbly refreshing and totally tasty.

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