Nana susies Cafe

Breakfast Sandwiches

12 Ventnor Terrace, Broad Lane, London, N15 4QR

Delivery from Mon 09:35

A variety of hot and cold, freshly prepared favourites.

All breakfasts are served with two fresh slices of toast.

Our omelettes are all made with three free range eggs and served with fries and a garnish salad.

Fresh white or sesame bagels for all your favourite fillings, made fresh every morning.

Classic, toasted paninis made fresh every morning.

Tortilla wraps filled with fresh ingredients, packed with flavour.

Our jackets are sourced locally and are all served garnished with salad.

Handed down through the generations, we use our special recipe to blend the perfect dough made fresh for every order, all of our pizzas are 12” in size, make your own or choose one of our favourites from the classics.

Our homemade gourmet burgers all come with a garnish salad and are served in a glazed brioche bun.

All of our dishes are homemade and freshly prepared every day of the week.

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