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Note: Dishes can be adjusted to suit individual requirements i.e strength. we appreciate that you would like your meal brought to you in the earliest possible time, but in order to maintain freshness, all dishes are cooked to order & a slight delay is inevitable, so your patience will be most appreciated

Main Specialities

Main Specialities

Main Specialities

These dishes originate from the Punjab region. The main ingredients of a Balti dish are fresh onions, green peppers, tomatoes, garlic, ginger, cumin & fresh coriander with our usual traditional balti herbs & spices

Each Balti dish has its own unique & distinct cooking style

The Valti is a versatile dish which can be prepared in any food combination

The following curries are cooked using a wide selection of traditional herbs & spices. with each dish cooked to order strengths can be adjusted to suit individual requirements

Specially flavoured basmati rice cooked with traditional herbs & spices, then served with a delicious vegetable sauce

An ancient Persian delicacy

Other drinks available please ask

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