Kebab Middle Eastern Halal

Queens Parade, 1 Green Lanes, London, N8 0RD

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Stews available Daily:

a.) Okra ( Okra, Tomato Paste, Tomato Chop, Garlic & Salt)

b.) Beans (Beans, Oil, Tomato Paste, Turmeric Powder & Salt)

c.) Tapsi (Aubergine, Lemon Powder, Red & Green Prppers, Tomato, Onion, Tomato

Paste, Oil & Salt)

Stew of the Day can be one of the following but ask the staff which one it is for that day

-Courgette (Courgette, Tomato Paste, Parsley, Chopped Toamto, Oil & Salt)

-Potatoes (Potatoes, Tomato Paste, Parsley, Turmeric Powder, Oil & Salt)

-Black eyed Peas

-Chick Peas

-Green Beans

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