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Indian Bangladeshi

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Served with salad and mint sauce

Subject to availability, Choice of Tilapia, Salmon, Pangash Fillet

All dishes are cooked in cast iron kashmiri pan with special spices, fresh tomato, coriander, garlic, ginger and herbs.

These can be individually prepared to satisfy everyone from mild to extreme hot.

Medium Dishes

Fairly hot curry

Very hot curry with potato

Cooked with ground spices, green chillies, tomatoes, capsicum & spring onions hot spicy sauce

Medium Dishes

Naga is a very hot chilli from the Bangladesh with unique flavour & aroma.

Madras OR vindaloo

Hot Very hot

Special spicy garlic sauce and medium hot including capsicum, onion, tomatoes, fresh coriander & chickpeas

Medium hot with fried onions & capsicum.

Medium hot

Very sweet curry cooked with coconuts & fresh cream.

Special mild dish grilled with fresh mild spices with almond & fresh cream

Sweet, sour & hot spicy curry cooked with yellow lentils. Served with pilau rice

Dry curry highly spiced, sweet, sour & hot.

Served with pilau rice

Medium hot with thick gravy well spiced with fresh herbs

Medium hot with thick tomato, capsicum,

garlic & spring onion

Mixed curry with garlic fried spinach, medium hot

Biryani is cooked with basmati rice fried in ghee, served with vegetable curry

Vegetable Side Dishes

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