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  • Coca-Cola Original Taste 330ml Can


  • Diet Coke 330ml Can


  • Fanta Orange 330ml Can


  • Pepsi - 0.33L


  • 7-up - 0.33L


  • Dr Pepper 330ml Can



  • Chicken Tikka Roll

    Tikka, green peppers, onion, garlic, fresh coriander, specially fried & wrapped in a fresh naan bread, accompanied with salad & mint sauce


  • Mixed Tikka Roll

    Kebab meat, lamb, chicken tikka, garlic, green peppers, onion, coriander, specially fried & wrapped in fresh naan bread accompanied with salad & mint sauce


  • Seekh Kebab Roll

    Seekh kebab, green peppers, onion, garlic, fresh coriander, specially fried & wrapped in a fresh chapatti, accompanied with salad & mint sauce


Munchy Box

  • Munchy Box 1

    Chips, rice, nan bread, salad, mint sauce, chicken tikka, seehk kebab fried in onion green pepper and fresh garlic with curry sauce of your choice - Any changes are £3 extra.


  • Munchy Box 2

    Chicken tikka, onion bhaji, chicken tikka masala, chciken madras plain rice, green salad, sauce, nan bread, mango chutney, chips changes are £3 extra



  • Onion Bhaji


  • Chicken Pakora


  • Bhuna Prawn on Puri


  • Garlic Mushroom on Puri


  • Chicken Chatt


  • Meat Samosa


  • Vegetable Samosa


  • Prawn Cocktail


  • Stuffed Pepper

    Large pepper stuffed with mildly spiced chicken, lamb or vegetable


  • Kathi Kebab

    Marinated lamb grilled with fresh tomatoes, onions & peppers, served on puri


Tandoori Starters

  • Sheek Kebab - Tandoori Starter


  • Chef`s Special Kebab - Tandoori Starter


  • Tikka Chicken - Tandoori Starter


  • Tikka Lamb - Tandoori Starter


  • Tikka Chicken (Fried) - Tandoori Starter


  • Tikka Chicken Fried with Mushrooms and Garlic - Tandoori Starter


  • Tandoori Chicken - Tandoori Starter


Tandoori Dishes

  • Tandoori Chicken


  • Tandoori King Prawn


  • Tandoori Cocktail


  • Tandoori Chicken Tikka


  • Tandoori Lamb Tikka


  • Tandoori Shashlik


  • Tandoori Garlic Tikka Kebab


House Specials

  • Pasanda

    Fairly mild with yoghurt & cashew nuts, fresh cream & poppy seeds Contains: Nuts


  • Kofta Aloo

    A Punjabi style curry, madras hot cooked with meat balls


  • Boti Tikka Bhuna

    Diced lamb cooked with tomatoes in medium spices, garlic & roast cumin seeds


  • Chicken Tikka Makhone

    A mild dish cooked with pure ghee, tomato puree & fresh cream Contains: Nuts


  • Chef's Special

    Fillet of tikka chicken with cashew nuts, fairly hot Contains: Nuts


  • Chilli Rowshon Chingri

    Madras hot curry cooked with garlic, fresh chilli & coriander


  • Shahi Tukra

    Royal pieces of lamb fillet marinated in special sauce Contains: Nuts


  • Saag Gosht

    A fairly mild & dry dish cooked with spinach

    from £8.50

  • Murgh Korma Badami

    Chicken mildly spiced flavoured with dried nuts & almonds, cooked in a rich creamy sauce (chicken tikka) Contains: Nuts


  • Jaal Jhul Murgh

    Very hot south Indian chicken dish, cooked in a generous amount of sauce Contains: Nuts


  • Bhuna Kathi Gosht

    A delicious medium spiced dish, tender lamb roasted in a tandoori, cooked with onions, fresh tomatoes & a touch of fenugreek & coriander


  • Tandoori King Prawn Rezala

    Cooked with braised onions, mixed spices & herbs, fresh cream & coriander. Served with pilau rice Contains: Nuts


  • Chingri Jull

    Tandoori king prawns cooked with mild spices & herbs, fresh cream, coriander & almond powder. Served with pilau rice Contains: Nuts


  • Baingan Masala

    Spicy aubergine cooked with bhuna lamb


  • Shatkora

    Cooked in medium spiced sauce with a hint of garlic & intense flavour of Indian lemon, bhuna style. Your choice of meats


  • Naga

    Bhuna style dish with unique combination of spices. Cooked with special naga chillies made vindaloo strength. Can also be made madras strength on request


  • Kakri

    Fairly dry, spiced diced chicken with green peppers, tomatoes, fresh ginger, garlic & whole spices. Made in traditional home cooked style


Main Dishes

  • Tandoori Special Masala

    A rich mild dish cooked in tandoori sauce with nuts, yoghurt & fresh cream Contains: Nuts

    from £9.10

  • Plain Curry

    A sauce of medium consistency. A basic but wide range of oriental spices giving a rich flavour

    from £7.30

  • Madras

    A combination of a special blend of spices fried together to provide a dish of fairly hot strength

    from £7.30

  • Vindaloo

    Related to madras, but involving greater use of garlic, tomato, lemon, ginger & chilli powder. It owes its name & in parts its contents to early Portuguese settlers

    from £7.50

  • Dansak

    Dansak is prepared with oriental spices, lentil & lemon juice to add sweetness & a sharp, sour flavour

    from £7.95

  • Sri Lankan

    This dish is fairly hot & strongly spiced, with coconut, lemon, garlic & fresh coriander

    from £7.95

  • Bhuna

    A combination of a special blend of spices fried together to provide a dish of medium strength & rather dry consistency compared with other curry

    from £7.95

  • Karahi

    Specially cooked in Indian homemade style, rather dry & fairly hot

    from £7.95

  • Pathia

    Here the characteristic of the dish is derived from the use of tomatoes, with a mixture of spices

    from £7.95

  • Dupiaza

    A method of preparation similar to the bhuna, where onions are mixed with spices & fried briskly

    from £7.10

  • Balti

    An Indian homemade style curry with fresh chillies, peppers & tomatoes. Fairly hot & spicy

    from £7.95

  • Chilli Masala

    Specially cooked in Indian homemade style, fairly dry & rather hot

    from £7.95

  • Rogan

    Rogan is prepared with oriental spices to make a delicately flavoured sauce with a tinge of ginger & lots of tomatoes

    from £7.95

  • Moshori

    Cooked with mild spices, lentils, garlic & fresh coriander

    from £5.55

  • Pimento

    Unique combination of ingredients including sweet peppers, tomatoes & garlic

    from £7.95

  • Jalfrezi

    Cooked with fresh peppers & green chillies to give a slightly hot & mouth watering taste

    from £7.95

  • Special Garlic

    This dish is similar to a bhuna with a lot of fresh chopped garlic to create a garlic taste & coriander

    from £7.95

  • Malayan

    Very mild, cooked with fresh cream, banana & pineapple

    from £7.95

  • Kashmiri

    Very mild, cooked with fresh cream, banana & cashew nuts Contains: Nuts

    from £7.95

  • Korma

    A preparation of mild spices in which fresh cream is used to create the delicacy of its flavour & creamy texture

    from £7.95

Biryani Dishes

  • Biryani

    A biryani is made by gently cooking with special flavour basmati rice, together with a mixture of mild spices, served with a special vegetable sauce

    from £8.95

Side Dishes

  • Sag Paneer


  • Mixed Vegetable Bhaji


  • Mushroom Bhaji


  • Bhindi Bhaji


  • Cabbage Bhaji


  • Chana Saag


  • Sag Aloo


  • Bombay Aloo


  • Tarka Dall



  • Keema Pilau


  • Mushroom Pilau


  • Vegetable Pilau


  • Egg Pilau


  • Plain Pilau Rice


  • Cashew Nut Pilau

    Contains: Nuts


  • Garlic Pilau


  • Chef's Special Rice


  • Peshwari Pilau

    Special basmati rice cooked with carrots, onions, sultanas & almonds Contains: Nuts


English Dishes

  • Chicken Omelette


  • Prawn Omelette


  • Mushroom Omelette


  • Mixed Omelette


  • Fried Chicken and Chips


  • Chips


  • Curry Sauce and Chips



  • Protha


  • Stuffed Protha


  • Chapati


  • Puree


  • Poppadom


  • Spiced Poppadom


  • Raita


  • Chilli Pickle


  • Lime Pickle


  • Mango Chutney


  • Onion Salad


  • Pickle Tray


Set Meals

  • 8 Course Special Meat Thali

    Chicken Tikaa, Sheek Kebab, Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Bhuna, Kemma Pilau, Kemma Nan, Onion Salad, Poppadom


  • 8 Course Special Meal (Sun & Thurs Only)

    "Thursday & Sunday between 5 - 12pm only" - Any starter - Any main dish - Any vegetable side - Any rice - Any naan bread - Mango chutney - Poppadoms - Onion salad

    from £16.95

  • 13 Course Special Meal

    Starter - Seekh kebab - Chicken tikka - Onion bhaji Main courses - Balti - Bhuna - Tikka masala Rice - Keema pilau rice - Pilau rice Sundries - Chips - Keema naan - Garlic naan - Onion salad - Poppadom

    from £29.95

Kid's Meal

  • Kid's Meal

    Every Night Special Any Small 8" Pizza, Pop, Chips, Garlic Dip


Nan Breads

  • Plain Nan


  • Keema Naan


  • Peshwary Nan

    Contains: Nuts


  • Tikka Nan


  • Garlic Nan


  • Keema Nan with Garlic & Coriander


  • Tikka Naan with Garlic & Coriander


Pizza Menu

  • Capri Pizza

    Tomato sauce, cheese, mushrooms and herbs

    from £4.40

  • Cheese & Tomato Pizza

    Tomato sauce, cheese and herbs

    from £4.95

  • Marinara Pizza

    Tomato sauce, cheese, tuna, prawns, mushrooms and herbs

    from £6.40

  • Romani Pizza

    Tomato sauce, cheese, salami, onions, mushrooms and herbs

    from £4.10

  • Hawaiian Pizza

    Tomato sauce, cheese, ham, pineapple, mushrooms and herbs

    from £6.10

  • Baltic Pizza

    Tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni, onions, peppers and herbs

    from £6.10

  • Pollo Pizza

    Tomato sauce, cheese, chicken, sweetcorn, mushrooms and herbs

    from £4.10

  • Bolognese Pizza

    Tomato sauce, cheese, bolognese sauce and herbs

    from £6.10

  • Chilli Con Carne Pizza

    Tomato sauce, cheese, chilli con carne and herbs

    from £6.10

  • Country Style Pizza

    Tomato sauce, cheese, chicken, ham, mushrooms and herbs

    from £6.10

  • Calzone (Not Folded)

    Tomato sauce, cheese, ham, salami, onions, mushrooms and herbs

    from £6.10

  • Quatro Stagioni Pizza

    Tomato sauce, cheese, tuna, prawns, mushrooms, peppers and herbs

    from £4.65

  • Mexican Hot Shot Pizza

    Tomato sauce, cheese, chillies, pepperoni, onions, peppers and herbs

    from £6.10

  • Kiev Pizza

    Tomato sauce, cheese, chicken, mushrooms, ham, garlic butter and herbs

    from £6.10

  • Capricciosa Pizza

    Tomato sauce, cheese, onions, peppers, mushrooms, egg and herbs

    from £4.10

  • Vegetarian Pizza

    Tomato sauce, cheese, mushrooms, onions, peppers, sweetcorn and herbs

    from £6.10

  • Sweet and Sour Pizza

    Tomato sauce, cheese, tender tandoori chicken, pineapple and herbs

    from £6.10

  • Garlic Bread


  • Garlic Bread with Cheese


  • Mixed Grill Indian Pizza

    Tomato sauce, cheese, lamb tikka, chicken tikka, keema, pepperoni, salami and herbs

    from £6.10

  • Tikka Indian Pizza

    Tomato sauce, cheese, tikka chicken, onions, green peppers chillis and herbs

    from £6.10

  • Indian Balti Sauce Indian Pizza

    Tomato sauce, cheese, balti sauce, chicken, onions, green peppers, fresh tomatoes and herbs

    from £6.10

  • Chat Indian Pizza

    Tomato sauce, cheese, onions, green peppers, chat sauce and herbs

    from £6.10

  • Indiana Indian Pizza

    Tomato sauce, cheese, okra, spinach, green peppers, onions and chillies

    from £6.10

  • Spicy Lamb Indian Pizza

    Tomato sauce, cheese, spicy lamb, onions, fresh tomatoes and herbs

    from £6.10

  • Mossalla Pizza

    Masala sauce, cheese and herbs Contains: Nuts

    from £6.10

  • Chicken Madras Indian Pizza

    Madras sauce, cheese, chicken

    from £6.10

  • Chicken Korma Indian Pizza

    Korma sauce, cheese, chicken

    from £6.10


Thursday 18 July 2024
Thursday 18 July 2024
Best by far
Thursday 04 July 2024
Not the same quality as usual. Prawns like bullets. Madras had no spice or flavour, the rice had no flavour either. The roll wasn’t as nice either. The meat was very dry and chopped up and chewy. Not as nice as usual at all. Might need to start looking else where if the chef has changed and the quality has massively dropped. Gutted because it’s always been nice
Wednesday 03 July 2024
ordered lamb madras and found chicken in it,mushroom bhaji had no flavour and poppadom was crushed.
Friday 28 June 2024
Lovely food always on time would recommend
Friday 28 June 2024
Lovely food thank you
Friday 28 June 2024
I used to recomend this place never again mixed wrap kebab mot mixed stale nann old chips never again.
Thursday 27 June 2024
Sunday 16 June 2024
Friday 07 June 2024
Although my order was delivered a little late the driver apologised & explained the reason why,the food was still hot & very tasty

A little bit about us

New Eastend Diner takeaway is located in Moulton Court in Blakelaw and they offer a vast menu that caters for a variety of different tastes. Ranging from the ever popular Hawaiian Pizza to one of their Special Pizza's like the Chicken Madras Pizza, perfect if you like a hot and spicier dish. They also have of course an extensive Indian menu to choose from so why not start with a chicken, lamb or vegetable stuffed pepper or an Onion Bhaji then move onto enjoy one of their many main courses from the Korma to their Madras or Vindaloo Naga. What are you waiting for treat yourself and order online for delivery or collection.

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