New Hot Wok Noodle Bar

Chinese Oriental

134 King Street, Kilmarnock, KA1 1PG

Delivery from 17:30

Note: PLEASE NOTE: There are vegetables & sauces within all meals. If you would prefer your meal without any vegetables or sauces then please do state this in the comments box before you complete your order. Thank you.

PLEASE NOTE: Satay sauce is a sweet peanut butter sauce and is not spicy.

If there is 1 to 4 meals there will be a charge of 5p for 1 carrier bag.

If there is anything more than 4 meals there will be a charge for 2 bags.

If there is anthing more than 8 meals there will be a charge for 3 bags.

Each carrier bag has a charge of 5p.

This carrier bag charge is mandatory due to government legislation.

Served with rice, noodles OR chips

Hot Wok specialty noodles

All speciality noodles are fried in a very hot wok with a range of vegetables & a secret ingredient added by our chef, and come with a choice of sauce

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