No.81 Indian Restaurant

Indian Vegetarian

81 Burnley Road Padiham, Burnley, BB12 8BL

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Note: In Compliance with food labelling regulation - EC116912011. Customers are advised to let our staff know if any food may cause allergy reaction prior to order. Thank you.

All Kebab Rolls Served in a Naan Bread with Salad and Sauce.

We specialise in balti dishes and highly recommend that you try these traditional dishes which are cooked in a special wok prepared with our chefs own recipe of fresh spices and herbs

We have equipped the jaipur kitchen with an authentic clay tandoor as no other method of cooking imbues food with such a distinctive earthy smoked quality. All served with basmati pilau rice, mixed assortment of leaves at chef's discretion and curry sauce to desired strength

A preparation of special saffron rice, cooked with fresh onions. Garnished with egg and served with sauce of your desired strength.

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