Noorjahan Indian Restaurant & Takeaway

Indian Curry

63B Leicester Road, Mountsorrel, Leicester, LE12 7AJ

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Note: Rice is not included with any of the dishes on this menu.

Naan bread is not included with any dishes except for Balti Dishes

All minced meat on this menu contains chicken.

Tandoori Specialities

The following dishes are marinated in yoghurt & special spices, cooked in a tandoori clay oven & served with green salad

Tandoori Special Masala Dishes

The masala dishes are cooked in special prepared  flavoured sauce

Chef's Recommendations

Special traditional balti dishes with naan bread

Medium hot dish, highly flavoured with oriental spices

Cooked with basmati rice & saffron, sultanas, almonds & spice served with a separate dish of vegetables

Served with chips, onion, mushroom, peas & tomatoes

Naan Bread & Sundries

Roll Dishes

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