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Note: Allergies Notice: Please speak to our staff about your dietary requirements before ordering if you have a reaction to any of the 14 ingredients below or any food allergies and intolerance.

Packaging and Reheating: Although all our food is delivered hot and ready to eat, if you require to reheat it then you can microwave the container, but be sure to pierce the film first

(Steamed to perfection) (Allow 20 mins cooking time)

Soups to suit all plates - Enjoy it on it`s own or to accompany you main dish

Peking, Szechuan & Hunan Province

"World famous cuisine, with an exquisite rich aromatic taste, using sesame oils, fresh garlic & chillies & our appetising hot bean paste an enticing taste for all to enjoy"

"Time for Nostalgic Eating"

These dishes are delivered in brown paper bags and may cool quickly.

An exotic taste sensation prepared with fresh herbs & spices, dishes which provide sheer delight: Full flavoured, yet light, rustic, yet exotic - a truly wonderful experience - leaving you wanting more.

How to Order

First make you selection of either meat, veg, or seafood from the list below then choose the accompanying dish.

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