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Malaysian & Thai Appetizers

Steamed to perfection

Allow 20 minutes cooking time

Soups to suit all palates - enjoy it on it's own or to accompany your main dish

Peking, Szechuan & Hunan province

World famous cuisine, with an exquisite rich aromatic taste, using oils, fresh garlic & chillies & our appetising hot bean paste an enticing taste for all to enjoy

Time for nostalgic eating

Choice of:

a) Stir fried (In a light garlic crystal sauce)

b) Steamed (Served with a cup of vegetarian oyster sauce)


Thai & Malaysian Main Dishes

An exotic taste sensation prepared with fresh herbs & spices, dishes which provide sheer delight: full flavoured - yet light, rustic - yet exotic - a truly wonderful experience - leaving you wanting more

Thai, Japanese & Singapore

Singapore & Thai rice dishes

These dishes are delivered in brown paper bags & may cool quickly

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