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Adults need around 2000 kcal a day
  • Philadelphia
  • California
  • Uramaki 8 Pieces
  • Maki 8 Pieces
  • Nigini 2 Pieces
  • Gunkan
  • Bowls
  • Seaweed Salad
  • Sample Platter


  • U1. Deluxe

    raw salmon on top, avocado, cucumber, Philadelphia, red tobiko, rice and nori


  • U2. King Prawn

    Sesame seeds on top, cooked prawns, Philadelphia, cucumber, avocado, rice and nori


  • U3. Salmon

    Sesame seeds on top, rat salmon, avocado, Philadelphia, rice and nori



  • U4. Surimi

    Tobiko on top, crab stick, Japanese mayo, cucumber, rice and nori


  • U5. Salmon

    Tobiko on top, salmon, Japanese mayo, cucumber, rice and nori


  • U6. King Prawn

    Tobiko on top, king prawn, Japanese mayo, cucumber, race and nori could be with sesame seeds on top


Uramaki 8 Pieces

  • U7. Green Dragon

    Avocado on top, smoked eel, unagi sauce, sesame seeds, rice and nori


  • U8. Osaka

    Sesame seeds on top, raw salmon, king prawn, Philadelphia, avocado, rice and nori


  • U9. Bonito

    Tobiko on top, fried salmon, cucumber, Philadelphia, rice and nori


  • U10. Heaven

    Raw tuna on top, tempura king prawn, Philadelphia, red tobiko, rice and nori


  • U11. Premium

    Flamed salmon on top, raw tuna, avocado, Philadelphia, tobiko, rice and nori


  • U12. Caesar

    Sesame seeds on top, tempura chicken, cucumber, Caesar sauce, rice and nori


Maki 8 Pieces

  • M1. Ebi Maki

    King prawn, nori and rice


  • M2. Sake maki

    Raw salmon, Nori and rice


  • M3. Maguro Maki

    Raw tuna, nori, rice


  • M4. Kani Maki

    Crab stick, nori, rice


  • M5. Avocado Maki

    Avocado, nori, rice


  • M6. Kappa Maki

    Cucumber, nori, rice


  • M7. Crunch Prawn Maki Roll

    Tempura king prawn, mango, Japanese mayo, avocado, nori, rice


  • M8. Veggie Kani

    Seaweed salad, cucumber, avocado, sesame seeds, nori, rice


Nigini 2 Pieces

  • N1. Sake Nigiri

    Raw salmon, rice


  • N2. Ebi Nigiri

    Prawn and rice


  • N3. Maguro Nigiri

    Raw tuna and rice


  • N4. Unagi Nigiri

    Eel, sesame, rice, nori



  • G1. Orange Tobiko

    Orange tobiko, rice, nori


  • G2. Chuka

    Seaweed salad, wasabi, sesame seeds, rice, nori


  • G3. Spicy or Regular Sake

    Raw salmon, sriracha mayo (if spicy), rice, nori


  • G4. Spicy or Regular Scallop

    Boiled scallop, sriracha mayo, (if spicy), orange tobiko, rice, nori


  • G5. Spicy or Regular Crab Mix

    Crabstick, sriracha mayo (if spicy), cucumber, rice, nori



  • B1. King Prawns

    Rice, fried prawns, edamame beans, mango, seaweed salad, orange tobiko, sesame seeds


  • B2. Salmon

    Rice, raw salmon, avocado, seaweed salad, edamame beans, mango, orange tobiko, sesame seeds, sweet chili sauce


  • B3. Tuna

    rice, raw marinated tuna, sesame seeds, avocado, edamame beans, mango, seaweed salad, orange tobiko, sweet chili sauce


  • B4. Chicken

    Rice, edamame beans, nori grilled chicken, carrot, cucumber, teriyaki sauce


  • B5. Vegan

    Rice, avocado, seaweed salad, radish, edamame beans, sesame seeds


Seaweed Salad

  • SA. Seaweed, Sesame Seeds, Sesame Sauce if Wanted

    Seaweed, sesame seeds, sesame sauce if wanted


  • EA. Edamame Beans

    Boiled beans, salt if wanted


Sample Platter

  • Sample Platter

    Chuka Gunkan 1pc, spicy or regular crab mix, gunkan 1pc, edamame beans, ebi maki 4pcs, sake maki 4pcs, avacardo maki 4pcs, kappa maki 4pcs, phila king prawns 4pcs and phila salmon 4pcs.



Friday 12 July 2024
Order was late but restaurant called me well in advance to let me know they were busy and was I ok with waiting which I thought was great. I said I was happy to wait. food arrived with something extra for the wait which I thought was a lovely touch, food was to die for was definitely worth it really enjoyed it thankyou
OISHI replied
Dear Clare, Thank you for your time and understanding 🤗 It is an absolute pleasure to impress you 🎈 OISHII TEAM
Saturday 01 June 2024
OISHI replied
Thanks Raquel ! OISHII TEAM
Friday 31 May 2024
The food was absolutely delicious. I will definitely be ordering again. Thank you !
OISHI replied
Dear Sophie, Thank you for your time leaving us with your feedback — it is certainly our satisfaction to hear from you. We are always here when you wish to Taste The Quality. OISHII TEAM
Friday 24 May 2024
Amazing food again guys, thanks you!
OISHI replied
Our pleasure Matt! OISHII TEAM
Friday 17 May 2024
OISHI replied
Thanks Alex! OSHII TEAM
Thursday 16 May 2024
Rocky start on the delivery side of things as the first delivery time was pushed out and then was late even further still. (Almost 2 hour wait in total) However the driver was so lovely and apologised perfusly as he had 4 other deliveries to make. Upon eating the meal... honestly friggin delicious. The salmon melted in your mouth! Everything was so so fresh and possibly even better than Umai in Shrewsbury.
OISHI replied
Dear Shayna, We are so grateful for your understanding and for your time leaving such an informative review ❤️. Worth to mention, we do work on a pre-order basis at most of the time, as well as the ordering platform is not the only and main stream source. We are over the moon for such words about our 🍣 SUSHI Shayna and it is our pleasure to hear about your positive experience with OISHII❤️ OISHII TEAM
Thursday 16 May 2024
OISHI replied
Friday 03 May 2024
Absolutely delicious. Portions are large. Made to perfection!
OISHI replied
Errolene, Thank you very much ! OISHII TEAM
Friday 26 April 2024
Finally, a much needed high quality sushi restaurant, may be the freshest sushi i have tried the salmon melts in your mouth and it is all so delicious, will definitely be ordering from here again!! highly recommend!!!
OISHI replied
Dear Katy, Thank you for your time leaving such a lovely feedback ! It is an absolute pleasure to meet your desires ❤️ OISHII Team
Thursday 18 April 2024
Great Food!
OISHI replied
Thank you Dan 🎈

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