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Note: Customers please be aware that these foods may contain traces of ingredients that can cause allergic reactions. If you are allergic or have any food intolerance, kindly let us know when ordering. Crustaceans, sesame, nuts, gluten, eggs, fish, shellfish, mustard, celery, peanuts, milk, sulphites, soya, lupins

Cooked with egg & peas

Cooked with bean sprouts & onions.

Large tray. Cooked with bean sprouts, onions & carrot.

Choice of sauce below

Large tray. Cooked with eggs, bean sprouts & onions.

In light batter

In light batter

Can be cooked with satay or black bean or kung po or Szechuan or black pepper with choice of the following

Cooked with peas & onions

Rice or chips not included

With coconut milk

With coconut milk

Cooked with coconut milk&shredded coconut.

Cooked with cucumber

Cooked with hot chilli, onions, garlic, spicy oil & shrimp paste.

In light batter

Scramble Eggs with Onions & Bean-Sprouts

Served with peas & 1/2 chips

Choose curry, BBQ, sweet & sour sauce

Separate sauce extra £1.40

Dishes cannot be change

Free prawn crackers

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