Indian Curry

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Tandoori dishes are prepared with various herbs & spices, along with yoghurt & marinated to give that tender taste cooked in a clay oven, served with salad & curry sauce

Freshly ground spice cooked with garlic, ginger, fresh coriander & tomatoes in a spicy aromatic sauce

Prepared with selected spices, lentils & pineapple but is enhanced by the use of garlic & fresh lemon juice whuch produces a mild but sweet & sour dish.

A delicious dish prepared with green peppers, abundance of fried onions, tomatoes seasoned ginger & spices.

Prepared in thick sauce & garnished with capsicum & onions

A south Indian dish with hot & spicy taste, prepared fresh spices, tomato puree & herbs with fresh lemon.

The flavour of this dish is derrived from the extensive use of tomatoes & onions fried together in a varied range of spices.

Cooked in a fairly dry dish, fresh spinach, tomatoes, garlic & ginger.

A very hot dish made with ground chilli, herb & spices.

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