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Palace Spice has been around since 1996. We offer a delectable variety of Cuisine inspired by the Authentic. Home-cooking of India. Our aim is to introduce exotic flavours from various regions creating our own recipes, many of which have been passed down through generations.

Our dishes are cooked in a special coal-fired tandoori oven and handi (copper pot) or tawa (iron griddle), giving that unique and authentic taste.

Our highly-skilled chefs are passionate about food. Creating for you the most piquant flavours. We use only the best quality meats, poultry, seafood and fresh vegatables, infused with the finest ingredients and fresh whole spices, stimulating the palate to the very last bite.

With over 25 years experience and exemplary reputation, we have pioneered the Art of cooking.

At Palace Spice, we cater for the healthy 21st century connoisseur without compromising the rich flavours that are the essence of Indian Cuisine.

No G.m ingredients used.

All our dishes are made with your health in mind.

All meals are packed in airtight, leak-prrof, re-usable and microwavable containers-retaining heat for longer. Vegan dishes could be prepared on request.

Some of our dishes may contain nuts. If you have any allergies, please inform one of our staff.

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Tandoori dishes are cooked in a tandoori (Clay oven) imported from the India subcontinent, fried with charcoal, marinated overnight and cooked at a high temperature. The heat source and charcoal gives its distinct flavour

Balti is a charming dish which keeps the flavour and taste of its cooking contents. All these dishes are juicy & moist comprising onions and tomatoes, flavoured with green peppers, herbs and freshly ground garam massala to give the exoti aroma. Cooked carefully in a wok, the benapolian style of sizzling hot iron pot. The most popular dish in the UK; highly recommended. It is commonly eaten with a nan bread or tandoori roti

Thalis provide a change to sample a number of individual dishes which together add upto a wonderful riot of flavours. Choose from our unique or meat thalis

Biryani Dishes ate very famous amongst ceremonial and festive celebrations in India and Pakistan. The meat or fish is delicately spiced and roasted in ghee. Finely chopped onions, cloves, cin-namon, cardamom pods etc are mixed together with basmati rice and fried. Blending into a special flavoured dish, usually decorated with fresh tomato, cucumber and sprinkled coconut flakes served with vegetable sauce

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