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All dishes typically contain soy. We cannot guarantee nut free, as nuts are used multiple dishes in our kitchen. If you have ANY allergies please inform us by telephone before placing your order. Thank you

All cooked with eggs, peas & onions

Panda Classics

All sauces contain gluten & sesame oil

Half & Half Box Deal

Choose a main dish & a side to make your very own half & half meal

Step one:

Choose your curry

Chicken curry OR beef curry 1/2

Sweet sour chicken HK style 1/2

Honey & spicy chicken 1/2

Chicken OR beef blackbean 1/2

Any vegetable pandas classic 1/2 (Suitable for vegetarians)

Step two:

Choose your side

Boiled rice 1/2 (Suitable for vegetarians)

Egg fried rice 1/2 (Suitable for vegetarians)

Plain chow mein 1/2 (Suitable for vegetarians)

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