Papa Johns - Watford

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Adults need around 2000 kcal a day
  • Exclusive Deal
  • New Releases 🎉
  • Pizza Bundles

Exclusive Deal

  • Lunchtime Treat

    1 Papadia & Small Drink. (Available from 11am -3pm)


  • Luxury Lunch

    1 Small Pizza (original base) & Small Drink. (Available from 11am -3pm)


  • Afternoon Fuel

    1 Small Pizza (original base) & any side or dessert. (Available from 11am -3pm)


  • Quick Bite

    1 Papadia & any side or Dessert. (Available from 11am -3pm)


New Releases 🎉

  • Bull's-Eye All the Meats™

    Bull's-Eye Original BBQ Sauce base with mozzarella, pepperoni, pork sausage, bacon, spicy beef & ham


  • Bull's-Eye Hawaiian Chicken

    Bull's-Eye Original BBQ Sauce base with mozzarella, chicken, bacon, onions and pineapple


  • Bull's-Eye The Works™

    Bull's-Eye Original BBQ Sauce base with mozzarella, pepperoni, italian style sausage, ham, mushrooms, green peppers, onions and black olives


Pizza Bundles

  • Summer Sharer

    Two Medium pizzas, 1 Chicken Side, 1 Classic Side and a Large Drink


  • Pizza Pals

    Any Two Medium Pizzas (Original Base*)


  • Meal for One

    Any Small Pizza (Original Base), Any Side, Any Small Drink


  • Family Time

    Any Two Large Pizzas (Original Base), Any side and Any large Drink


  • Go Solo.

    Any medium pizza, 1 classic side and any small drink


  • Ultimate Saver

    Any Large Pizza, Garlic Pizza Sticks or Tots & Any Side.



Tuesday 21 May 2024
Saturday 11 May 2024
Sunday 05 May 2024
Sunday 05 May 2024
Friday 05 April 2024
Monday 18 March 2024
Courier was amazing!! I placed the order on our old address - completely my fault. Called the restaurant within 30 seconds to change address. Hung up on three times!! Asked to leave new address but not interested. Asked to leave my number for driver - said they would. They didn’t. Driver was fantastic and called at old address and re-delivered to new addreHe didn’t have to but did so was tipped kindly. 5 stars to driver. Zero to restaurant - so rude!! Will use Jyst Eat again, but not restaurant.
Tuesday 05 March 2024
delivery driver dropped the food. please can we have a refund please. we took a photo of the item
Wednesday 28 February 2024
Monday 26 February 2024
My order never came and there has been no response from just eat
Tuesday 23 January 2024
Did not contain plastic to stop pizza box being crushed. delivery driver crushed the box. pizza all over top of the box.

A little bit about us

Papa Johns is proud to have been named ‘Pizza Delivery Chain of the year’ by the PAPA Industry Awards for two consecutive years (2019, 2020). The ‘Vegan Works’ was named ‘Best Vegan Pizza’ in PETA’s eighth annual Vegan Food Awards. and the brand was also awarded ‘Best Vegan Pizza’ by the Vegan Food UK Awards 2020, voted for by consumers.
The secret to success is much like the secret to making a great pizza - the more you put in, the more you get out. As hungry for perfection today as when Papa Johns first opened the doors more than 30 years ago, they're driven to be the best at making innovative new products and recipes.

Delivery times

00:00 - 01:00
10:00 - 23:59
00:00 - 01:45
10:00 - 23:59
00:00 - 01:45
10:00 - 23:59
00:00 - 01:45
10:00 - 23:59
00:00 - 01:45
10:00 - 23:59
00:00 - 01:45
10:00 - 23:59
00:00 - 01:45
10:00 - 23:59

Business details

Papa Johns - Watford
18 Market Street
WD18 0PD Watford
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