Indian Curry

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Note: Please note some of our dishes may contain nuts, yeasts, maize, eggs and other additives.

If you have a food allergy please notify us before you order.

Fresh vegetable cooked in herbs & spices either dry or in a curry sauce

Tandoori Specialities

Tandoori dishes, chicken, lamb or king prawn are marinated in a special blended of sauce which is based on yoghurt, mint, lemon & gram masala, together with freshly blended herbs, then cooked on a skewer over flaming charcoal in the Tandoori. Served with salad.

What is Balti? A fair amount of legend has developed around the origin of balti but, in reality, it is probably a comparatively recent style of cooking, The balti`s are styled like "Karahi" dishes and cooked on an iron griddle.

All Biryani dishes accompanied by a vegetable curry sauce

Sunday Special we are only serving the Sunday apraxia on a Sunday no other day

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