Parella Takeaway

Fish & Chips Burgers

1197 Govan Road, Glasgow, G51 4PW

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All our fish are fresh & delivered daily

Cheese, cheese & onion, cheese & mushroom

All our fish are fresh (not frozen) & bought daily

Hand rolled fresh to order

Extra toppings available

Filled with your favourite pizza toppins & then folded & topped with/without roasted cheese

Spice up with extra basil, garlic & chilli flakes available

Add 2 pieces of garlic bread for £1 extra

Beef burgers are 100% beef & flame grilled

(With/without lettuce, tomato, onion & cheese slices)

Top up with a choice of sauce: Tomato relish, mayo, garlic mayo, burger sauce, BBQ, sweet chilli & hot chilli

Filling are available for £1.30 extra

Porellis Ice Cream

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