Parsons Bakery - Bedminster

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  • Freshly Baked Bread
  • The Big Breakfast
  • Oven Fresh Savouries
  • Filled Baguettes & Sandwiches
  • Cakes and Treats
  • Drinks and Crisps

Freshly Baked Bread

  • Large Baton

    A rustic baguette great for sharing.


  • White Sourdough

    A traditional non yeasted loaf, perfect for sandwiches or thick toast. Large


  • Seeded Sourdough

    A multi-seeded version of our sourdough loaf.


  • Split Tin Loaf

    A classic white loaf baked in a tin.


The Big Breakfast

  • Sausage Doorstep Sandwich

    A thick doorstep sandwich packed with sausage, using our split tin loaf.


  • Sausage Baguette

    Succulent sausages packed in to a fresh baked Demi Baton.


  • Bacon and Sausage Baguette

    A mix of bacon and sausage packed in to a fresh baked demi baton.


  • Bacon Doorstep Sandwich

    A thick doorstep sandwich packed with bacon, using our split tin loaf.


  • Bacon and Sausage Doorstep Sandwich

    A thick doorstep sandwich packed with bacon and sausage, using our split tin loaf.


  • Bacon Baguette

    Best back bacon packed in to a fresh baked demi baton.


Oven Fresh Savouries

  • Bacon and Cheese Wrap

    Golden, flaky, puff pastry wrapped around best back bacon and topped with mature cheddar


  • Veggie Roll

    Layers of golden, flaky, puff pastry encases a scrumptious soya protein suitable for vegetarians and vegans. V,VG.


  • Pork & Apple Roll

    Prime pork, sweet apple & sage & onion stuffing.


  • King-size Sausage Roll

    Premium pork sausage encased in layers of golden, flaky, puff pastry.


  • Cheese and Onion Pasty

    The veggie classic. Mature cheddar, onion and potato. Hand crimped in our puff pastry.


  • Traditional Steak Pasty

    A true classic. Juicy steak meat and vegetables hand crimped in our puff pastry.


  • Chicken Supreme Pasty

    Filled with Chicken, sweetcorn, onions & a creamy sauce.


Filled Baguettes & Sandwiches

  • Ham and Cheese

    A freshly baked rustic baguette filled with slices of thick ham and mature cheddar.


  • Chicken Mayo

    A freshly baked rustic baguette filled with succulent chunks of chicken mixed with mayo on a bed of mixed leaves.


  • Tuna Mayo

    A freshly baked rustic baguette filled with our tuna mayo mixed and topped off with slices of cucumber.


  • Tuna Mayo & Cucumber Sandwiches

    Handmade in store using our fresh Granary bread we bake daily, filled with Tuna Mayo topped with cucumber.


  • Chicken Mayo & Mixed Leaf Sandwich

    Handmade in store, using our fresh baked Granary bread. Filled with Chicken Mayo topped with Mixed leaf.


  • Chunky Egg Mayo Sandwich

    Handmade using our freshly baked Granary bread, filled with Egg Mayo.


  • Cheese Salad Baguette

    A freshly baked rustic baguette, filled with Cheese & freshly cut salad


Cakes and Treats

  • Choco Bean Cookie

    New! Gooey Vanilla cookie, baked fresh in store, topped with smarties!


  • Jam Donut

    Fluffy, sugary with a fruity jam centre.


  • Raspberry and White Chocolate Muffin

    A light and fluffy vanilla sponge with a raspberry centre and white chocolate chunks.


  • Custard Slice

    A generous helping of custard between two layers of puff pastry, strawberry jam lines the bottom and it is topped with our sticky, fondant icing.


  • Caramel Jack

    A Gooey Flapjack topped with Caramel & Chocolate


  • Bread Pudding

    A blend of sultanas and spices infused with our split tin loaf create this gorgeous vegan treat. loved by everybody. VG.


  • Zingy Lemon Danish

    NEW! Parsons traditional recipe, with a Zingy Summer finish.


  • Apple and Sultana Crown

    Golden, flaky puff pastry with an apple and sultana centre, finished off with a drizzle of icing.


  • Fruit and Nut Flapjack

    A gooey flapjack filled with mixed nuts and dried fruit. 100% tasty and 100% vegan. VG.


  • Chelsea Bun

    A true classic, this sweet bun is filled with juicy sultanas, plump raisins and mixed spice.


  • Ginger Bread Teddy

    A chewy, gingerbread teddy complete with smartie buttons and chocolate dipped feet.


  • Iced Bun

    A true classic, this sweet bun is topped with our sticky, fondant icing and finished with a cherry on top.


  • Aussi Crunch

    It's Back! Cornflakes, golden syrup, coconut & milk chocolate.


  • Moon Cake - It's Back!

    Back by popular demand, Our take on a "Rocky Road"!


Drinks and Crisps

  • Burts – Lightly Sea Salted (40g)


  • Burts – Sea Salt and Cider Vinegar (40g)


  • Quavers (20g)


  • Coca Cola (500ml)


  • Diet Coke (500ml)


  • Smart Still Water (600ml)


  • Pepsi Max (500ml)


  • Burts – Mature Cheddar and Chive (40g)


  • Burts – Sweet Chilli and Red Pepper (40g)



Sunday, 02 June 2024
Bacon was so hard veery poor quality

A little bit about us

This award-winning artisan bakery based in Bristol has an amazing heritage spanning over 100 years and four generations of the Parsons family. Products are handmade with a mission to bake the good stuff. Treat yourself today!

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Parsons Bakery - Bedminster
252 North Street, Bedminster
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