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Adults need around 2000 kcal a day
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  • Our Bread (Vegan)

    Handmade Bread & Focaccia, served with olive oil & balsamic vinegar


  • Green Olives (Vegan & GF)

    A selection of the best Italian olives


  • Crocchette Nduja & Patate

    Calabrian Spicy Sausage, Potato & Honey


  • Suppli (1 Piece)

    Deep fried Rice Balls with Mozzarella Heart


  • Classic Bruschetta

    Traditional Crispy Home Made Bread served with fresh tomato, basil & garlic


  • Mozzarella in Carrozza

    Deep fried buffalo mozzarella with fresh tomato & basil


  • Caprese di Burrata

    With Heritage Tomato & Basil


  • Fritto Misto

    Deep fried calamari & shell-on prawn served with homemade mayonnaise


  • Mussels alla Marinara

    Mussels with Garlic, Chilli & Tomato


  • Chicken Liver Crostino

    One of the best Tuscan dishes made with chicken liver marinated for 24 hours in olive oil & herbs then pan fried with shallots, almond flakes & a drizzle of Marsala liqueur, served on toasted bread.


  • Salumi Selection

    A selection of Italian Cured Meats; Speck, Coppa & Salami


  • Formaggi Selection

    A selection of Italian Cheeses; Tomino with Truffle Honey, Pecorino & Gorgonzola, served with Bread.


Signature Dishes

  • Spinach & Ricotta

    Choose any sauce with one of our most famous Ravioli!

    from £14.80

  • Truffle & Mushroom

    Choose any sauce with one of our Special Ravioli!

    from £17.80

  • Spicy Nduja & Ricotta

    With Burrata & Crispy Guanciale


  • Beef Agnolotti

    Slow cooked Beef, Fresh Tomato, Marsala, Almond Flake, Salted Ricotta


  • Parma Ham & Parmesa Raviolini in Parmesan Sauce

    With Butter & Parmesan Cream


From Our Oven

  • Beef Meatball Lasagna

    Fresh Pasta Sheets Layers filled with a rich tomato sauce and Traditional Italian Meatballs. (Halal)


  • Aubergine alla Parmigiana

    Fried Baked Aubergine with Mozzarella, Tomato Sauce and Basil


  • Risotto porcini e Truffle

    Black Truffle & Porcini Mushroom Risotto


White Base Sauces

  • Basil Pesto

    Homemade Superior Pesto, with Basil, Garlic, Pecorino, Olive Oil and Pine Nuts

    from £15.80

  • Cacio & Pepe

    Black Pepper & Pecorino Romano cheese

    from £13.80

  • Creamy Mushroom

    One of our best sellers, made with a mixture of wild mushrooms cooked with stewed onion and thyme

    from £14.80

  • Gricia

    A brilliant Roman sauce made with guanciale, white wine, black pepper & Pecorino Romano cheese

    from £15.90

  • Carbonara

    Authentic Roman sauce made with guanciale, black pepper, Italian free range egg & Pecorino Romano cheese

    from £15.80

  • Ajo, Oio & Peperoncino

    Simplicity at its best! An Italian blend of garlic, chilly parsley & Italian olive oil.

    from £11.80

  • Vongole

    Fresh Clams with Garlic, Parsley, E.V. Olive Oil an White Wine. The Italian Classic! Best with Tonnarelli

    from £17.50

Tomato Base Sauces

  • Tomato & Basil

    Pure & simple: onion, plum tomato from Sarno & fresh basil

    from £12.80

  • Arrabbiata (Spicy)

    Ancient Roman recipe with pan fried chilli & garlic in a tomato sauce with basil & parsley

    from £12.90

  • Bolognese

    The ever popular combination of beef mince mixed with a light onion, carrot, celery, herbs & tomato sauce

    from £15.80

  • Pork Sausage Ragu'

    Tasty ragu made with with delicious Tuscan pork sausage cooked in tomato sauce with herbs & black pepper

    from £16.80

  • Amatriciana

    The ultimate roman sauce, in tomato base with Guanciale and Pecorino Romano cheese melted inside

    from £16.80

  • Fresh Seafood

    Well known in Italy as "allo scoglio" it contains shell-on prawn, mussels & clams with chilli, garlic, white wine & a touch of tomato sauce

    from £18.80

  • Fresh Lobster

    Our Signature Fresh Lobster Dish made with tomato sauce, cherry tomato, garlic, chilly, extra virgin olive oil

    from £32.50

Kids Meal Deal

  • Kids Meal

    The perfect amount of pasta for the little ones. Choose your favourite shape of pasta, add your sauce, top with cheese and select one from our Italian soft drinks

    from £9.50


  • House Salad

    Mixed salad leaves, radicchio, cherry tomatoes & red onion, finished with balsamic & olive oil. Add buffalo mozzarella or burrata for £2.80!


  • Fried Potato

    With homemade mayonnaise


  • Garlic and Rosemary Potatoes

    Baked and Fried with Sea Salt


  • Fried Zucchini

    Seasonal Veggies



  • Tiramisu Remoli

    Our famous homemade Tiramisu made with fresh mascarpone cream, savoiardi, Italian coffee, cocoa and chocolate beans.


  • Italian Chocolate Cheesecake

    Homemade Chocolate & Cheese Cake with Whipping Cream!


  • Torta alle mele (Apple Tart)

    Italian cake with custard filling and sliced apples


  • Torta della Nonna

    Italian cake filled with custard and pine nuts.


  • Amalfi Cheese Cake

    age restriction 18 plus
    Special Cake with Amalfi Lemons & Prosecco


  • Sicilian Cannolo

    With Sicilian Cream, dipped in Pistachio & Chocolate Grain


Cook at Home

  • Cook at Home Plain Pasta

    Choose your shape from our fresh plain pasta and don't forget to try it with one of our lovely homemade sauces !!


  • Cook at Home Filled Pasta

    Choose your shape from our fresh filled pasta and don't forget to try it with one of our lovely homemade sauces !!


  • Cook at Home Sauces

    Homemade Pasta sauces, Perfect to choose with one of our pasta shape or ravioli

    from £3.95

Soft Drinks

  • Still Water


  • Sparkling Water


  • San Pellegrino Limonata


  • San Pellegrino Aranciata


  • Ice Tea Peach


  • Coca Cola Can


  • Coke Zero Can


  • Yoga Peach Juice


  • Yoga Apple Juice


  • Yoga Orange Juice



  • Nastro azzurro Peroni

    age restriction 18 plus





Sunday 02 June 2024
Bad customer service
Tuesday 30 April 2024
Don’t bother to order from here if you want Italian food. I’m Italian and I expected a decent carbonara, but it was far from it. Tasteless & overcooked
Wednesday 03 April 2024
Pasta over cooked, high price with a tiny amount in the containers.
Wednesday 13 March 2024
Thursday 07 March 2024
Saturday 02 March 2024
Sunday 07 January 2024
Thursday 28 December 2023
Tuesday 12 December 2023
Tasted amazing
Saturday 30 September 2023

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