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Indian Bangladeshi Halal

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Note: Some of our menu items may contain nuts seeds & other allergens

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All mince dishes contain lamb mince.

Indian sub-continental wedding parties are a big spot of feast. Akhani or biryani is the most highly desirable food among them. We have the healthy & finest quality recipe for the biryani. It's natural aromas are bound to give you mouth watering taste. Every biryani served with separate curry sauce. 

Any other sauce extra 90p

India has a long history of it's dining arts. A great variety of spices & a wide range of selection have made its fame sky high. Among these balti, a dish full of natural flavours. We make our best effort to give a sensation of flavours. Served with plain naan bread.

Any other naan bread 90p extra

Any change of naan bread is 90p

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