Indian Curry Halal

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Note: Our menu items contain nuts OR other allergens. Please inform your server when ordering.

North Indian Tandoori Specialities. An ancient style of cooking which originated in the rugged North West Frontier of India, using a beehive shaped clay oven (tandoor) the natural, healthy & earthy tones of our tandoori dishes is achieved by the use of only fresh herbs & spices in the marinade, served with fresh green salad

Our selection of old favourites. These dishes are recognised by everyone & have been enjoyed by generations of Indian food lovers

These dishes are very palatable & appropriate as an addition to main dishes

Parsee Dishes

These dishes are fairly hot, sweet & sour.

Dansak: Is with lentils

Pathia: Is cooked with onions, peppers & tomatoes

All dishes include pilau rice

These dishes are cooked with aromatic basmati rice in a stir fried process with onions, peppers, spices & fine herbs. It is a delicacy to be savoured & enjoyed. Biryani dishes are meals in themselves. Accompanied by mixed vegetable curry

Tortilla wrap with mixed salad, garlic mayo & chilli sauce with a choice of filling

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