Piccolo Italian Restaurant & Bar

Mediterranean Italian

61 Church Road Gatley, Cheadle, SK8 4NG

Delivery from 15:45

All our Steaks are 28 day Matured, Premium English beef

All steak dishes come with sautéed potatoes & mixed vegetables, unless otherwise stated

Tell us how you’d like it cooked:

Blue Seared on the outside but completely red throughout

Rare outside and still 75% red throughout the centre

Medium-rare pink to red centre, soft and juicy on the inside

Medium a more pronounced band of pink in the centre

Medium well thoroughly cooked with a slight hint of pink inside

Well done completely cooked until brown throughout

Served with sauteed potatoes & mixed vegetables, unless otherwise stated

Served with sauteed potatoes & seasonal veg, unless otherwise stated

Our Pizzas are traditional 12" Thin Base

Pasta Y Risotto

Cortini (Sides)

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