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Unit 4, Swinnow Road, Leeds, LS13 4RJ

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At 'LA BELLA' - We only use freshly made dough prepared daily on our premises WITH the finest quality ingredients', perfect blendS of cheese and our special tomato pizza sauce - to taste our pizzas, are 'SIMPLY PERFECT !'

Calzone is a folded oven baked pizza which originated from Naples, Italy and resembles a 'half-moon' shape, which is filled with selected choosen fresh ingredients and cheese

We only use our special pizza dough which we prepare daily on our premises in our garlic pizza bread bases

All our fillet and chicken kebabs are made with the highest quality meat and are served in a toasted naan bread with a seperate side salad and with our special chilli sauce - TASTE THE DIFFERENCE !

Al Capone’s Burgers - Exclusive to 'La Bella' - Hand made 8oz burgers, served with a choice of chips, wedges OR curly fries,

All beef burgers are flame grilled beef - Producing that unmistakable flame grill taste ...OH it is so GOOD TOO !

Long thin small hot crusty loaf of french bread filled with various delicious fillings

We use highest quality fresh Chicken with our specially prepared southern fried recipe to give it that unmistakable flavour

Geordies 'do' love this...

Served in a tortilla wrap with lettuce and a choice of dressing

Flattened chicken breast with breadcrumbs, baked in oven and topped with a choice of sauce

That 'Extra Luxury' food choice to add to your meal

That little something extra you can add to your food order

A selection of various size soft drinks just to quench your thirst and to 'wash down with your meal'

Just that little extra 'pleasure' to add to your order, especially for those who have a sweet tooth!

Choice of set meals to feed our little'ur's who have 'VERY GOOD APPETITE'....

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