Pizza ON time

Pizza Italian

42 Battersea Park Road, London, SW11 4JP

Delivery from 18:45

Note: If you have a food allergy or intolerance (or someone youre ordering for has), phone the restaurant on +442074983333. Do not order if you cannot get the allergy information you need.

Any Pizza, Any Time Any Size £9.95

Any Three XL Pizzas £27.95

Any Three Large Pizzas £23.95

Any Three Regular Pizzas £19.95

Not To Be Used In Conjunction With Any Offers

Any Reg Pizza, Potato Wedges, Garlic Bread 1 Can Soft Drink

One X-Large Pizza

Garlic Bread x2

1 Bottle Soft Drink

One Large Pizza, Potato Wedges

Garlic Pizza Bread

Chicken Strippers

1 Bottle Soft Drink and Dip

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