Roman Pizza

Pizza Italian Halal

131 Salmon Lane, London, E14 7PG

Delivery from 12:40

Note: Hungry? Why not give Roman Pizza a try? We are a Just-Eat app vendor. located in London at 131 Salmon Lane E14 7PG. We always make sure that our customers satisfaction is priority, whether its through our excellent customer service or our scrumptious pizza. We also provide a variety of food options, such as Burgers, sides, salads, at a competitive price. If thats not enough, why not enjoy some of our exquisite sweets, which include Turkish baklava, cheesecakes, and ice cream. Every day, we prepare fresh ingredients and make fresh dough.

Roman Pizza are baked to order with fresh dough & with the fresh ingredients please specify deep pan, thin crust or stuffed edge, Otherwise a deep pan will be prepared

(Cooked in vegetable oil)(All ingredients are Halal حلال)

freshly made

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