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All our pizzas are made using homemade dough, savoury pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, fine Italian herbs & your favourite toppings

Please note, all the chicken used in our pizzas, calzones, fajitas and wraps is fresh and is sealed with a mildly spiced coating to keep the chicken moist.

Extra toppings are available

Folded pizza stuffed with savoury pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, your favourite toppings & fine Italian herbs

Traditional style with homemade garlic butter

Extra toppings are available

All our burgers are made with 100% ground beef, served in a sesame seeded bun with salad, sauce & fries (our salad have crisp lettuce, tomato & red onion)

All wraps served with salad, French fries, American spice & a choice of sauce

Go extra large for £2

Add separate salad £1 extra

Southern fried chicken

All served with kids drink

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