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Pizza Milkshakes Halal

391 Sheldon Heath Road, Birmingham, B26 2UB

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Note: For allergens, please contact the shop.

Made fresh daily

Choose your Crust

Deep pan or Thin Crust

Choose your Base

Garlic, Creamy Pesto, Tomato, or BBQ

Small Pizza 8" (4 Slices)

Medium Pizza 10" (6 Slices)

Large Pizza 12" (8 Slices)

Extra Large Pizza 16" (12 Slices)

Extra toppings and cheese stuffed crust available

Folded pizza

Served with salad & mayo

All meals served with fries & drink

Served with salad & sauce

All Italian chicken served with choice of fries or rice

Served with salad & mayo

All meals are served with fries & drink

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