Pizza Pan

Pizza Burgers Halal

290a Aldridge Road, Birmingham, B42 2SP

Delivery from 16:40

£1 delivery fee

£10 min. order

Note: Our drivers carry limited change. If your delivery is to a block of flats, our drivers will meet you at the main entrance - they will not come inside.

Stuffed cheese crust & extra toppings are available

09" = Regular (6 slices)

12" = Large (8 slices)

15" = Family (12 slices)

Big Daddys (( 20inch )) Pizza

Served with fries

Served with salad & sauce

Choice- Naan, pitta OR fries

All are large

Add cheese for 1.00 extra

Served with salad & sauce

Add cheese slice for 20p extra, hash brown for 50p extra

All meals are served with fries & a can of soft drink

Add cheese for 60p extra

Served with fries, a can of soft drink

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