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Pizza Kebab

5 Station Road, Wombwell, S73 0AH

Delivery from 17:45

Note: If you have an allergy regarding your food please contact us directly before placing the order

Alcohol is not for sale to under 18s. Proof of age is required on delivery or collection of all orders which include alcohol.

20% Discount when the spend £25.00 or over from today

10% discount when spends £15.00

All our pizzas are made with fresh bases & ingredients, topped with 100% mozzarella cheese, special pizza sauce & herbs

Folded pizzas

All kebabs are served with pitta. Comes with salad, mayo or chilli

10oz steaks - All served with chips, salad, onion rings & mushrooms

All burgers served with salad & chips

You get 2 x wraps served with salad, mayo or paprika

All served with lettuce, onion, tomato, carrots, cucumber & cabbage

All served with chips & mini pop

Available until 10pm

Pizza meal Deals

All beer comes 440 mle

All wine comes with 75cl 0.75le 12.50% vol

Pizza Burgers

1/2 lb burger wrapped in fresh pizza dough with cheese, pizza sauce and a hint of garlic then baked in the pizza oven. Served with chips

4oz Beef burger patty with salad only.

Whopper Burgers do not come with sides.

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