Pizzeria Di Moka

Pizza Kebab Halal

8 Park Street, Lincoln, LN1 1UF

Delivery from 16:40

Note: Food allergies and intolerance: If you have any allergies or intolerance, please inform member of staff when placing your order

All our food garnished with a pinch of parsley and our pizza finished with drizzle of olive oil.

All our pizzas are homemade. Topped with special savoury tomato sauce, cheddar, mozzarella

cheese and fresh ingredients.

All our kebab freshly made and marinated in our special herbs and all our kebab served with

pitta bread and salad and sauce of your choice

All our burgers are served in seeded bun with salad, chips and sauce of your choice

Our salad selection is great ideal some are sides or as starters and others are Main courses

Simply the best parmesan in whole region try it and you won't beat the taste !

Chicken Breast coated with breadcrumbs, topped with Bechamel sauce, finish with mixed

cheese and served with chips and coleslaw


Cakes served per slice

All kids meal served with chips and can of drink

Ben & Jerry's is the most favorite ice cream flavor in the market and majority of people love it could be nice to share 😊 465ml

Homemade fried chicken marinated and breaded with finest crumbs

Great selection of good food to share

12" tortilla wrap filled with optional choice of salad , sauce and cheese

Calzone is folded pizza stuffed with sauce, cheese and toppings of your choice all all our calzone served with chips

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