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Chicken Pizza Halal

15 Bastion Road, Prestatyn,, Denbighshire, LL19 7ES

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Our pizzas are made with freshly prepared dough from our own homemade recipe, special sauce & only the finest toppings

Extra toppings available

Thin crust: Thin & crispy base giving you the crunchy taste all the way through

Deep Pan: Our famous thick crust pizza - crunchy on the outside, soft & fluffy on the inside

Stuffed crust: A ring of melted mozzarella cheese with hint of garlic & herbs, stuffed into our famous fresh dough crust 12" deep pan

Cheese bites: A pull apart cheese crust, bursting with mozzarella cheese topped with herbs. Perfect for dipping in 12" deep pan

Hot dog stuffed crust : 12" pizza only

Kebab crust : 12" pizza only

Extra toppings are available

Free salad & sauces on burgers

Spicy hot add 50p extra

Extra fillings available for £1.00 each

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