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Includes most familiar chocolates (single bars&multipack chocolates ), seriel bars and sweets bubblegum. (Cadbury diary milk, galaxy, milky bar, Aero, Euro shopper, wispa, maltesers, bournville, snickers, mars, bounty trio, kinder Bueno, munchies, twirl, kitkat, York, milkyway, riesen, starbar, twix, flake, galaxy nibble, fudge, chomp, smarties, eclairs, dairy milk buttons, dairy milk caramel nibble, galaxy ministrals, M&m, boost 4pack, kinder chocolate 8pack, kitkat chunky 4pack, twirl 5pack, rolo 4pack, mars 3pack, snickers 3pack, lion 4pack, wispa 4pack, wispa gold 4pack, timeout 6pack, picnic 4pack, Crunchies 4pack, fruit pastels 3pack, Kelloggs rice crisp 6pack, Kelloggs Frosties 6pack, squares rice crisp chocolate 4pack, squares marshmallow rice crisp 4pack, squares rice krisps caramel chocolate 4pack, Kelloggs coco pops 4pack, fruit pastels, pick & mix, randoms, kids sour patch, Haribo, Murray mints, sherbet lemon, chewits extreme, drumstick Squashies, refreshers choos, Maynard’s, pinballs, maoams, fruit tella, soothers, halls, jakemans, lockets, extra bubblegum, airwaves bubblegum, chupa chups bubblegum, hubba bubba bubblegum, chupa chups sticks, black Jack, fruit salad, millions, push pop, tango and Vimto candy spray, brain licker, jumbo lollipop, Vimto bar, drumsticks bar, refreshers bar, wham bars, stinker bar, Fini roller, freddo, Vimto double spray, etc..

Microwave food products,butters,cheese,bacons

Items:- serials, coffee powders, tea bags, sugar, microwave popcorn, hot chocolate, Nutella, Horlicks powder, black pepper powder, white and malt vinegar, lemon juice, original hot pepper sauce, Thai sweet chilli sauce, brown sauce, BBQ sauce, salad cream, mayonnaise, tomato ketchup, table salt, prices sardines and tuna and mackerel, sandwich tuna in tin, Royal Dane pork meat, corned beef, spam chopped pork and ham, hot dogs, chicken meatballs in gravy and tomato sauce, full Monty, all day breakfast, princes minced beef onion, best one minced beef onion, best one hot pot, beans and sausage, macaroni cheese, spaghetti bolognaise, spaghetti hoops, dolmio sauce for bolognaise, Jack’s bolognaise sauce,brown soft cane sugar, cane icing sugar, cane caster sugar, Heinz lentil soup, oxtail soup, chicken soup, tomato soup and vegetable soup, jacks baked beans, chick peas, Heinz beans, chopped tomatoes, peeled tomatoes, mushy peas, garden peas, carrots, processed peas,mushrooms, potatoes, sweetcorn, pineapple slices, peach slices, fruit cocktail, Devon custard, rice pudding, evaporated milk, bisto gravy, paxo sage&onion, angel delight, custard powder, instant mashed potato, garlic purée, tomato puree, pancakes mix, Jack’s chocolate brownie mix, jacks fairy cupcakes mix, self raising flour, bicarbonate soda, mixed fruit jam, blackcurrant jam, raspberry jam, strawberry jam, peanut butter, super noodle, Ko-Lee noodles chicken and vegetable, pot noodles, vegetable oil, rice, pastas etc..

Customer Id required. Includes most popular brands of cigarettes and tobacco products. Cigarettes King size and Superking Size:- (jps, Jps players, Carlton, Windsor blue, Chesterfield, Sterling, Regal, Silk cut, Embassy gold, Richmond, pall mall, L&B, B&H, Sovereign, Rothmans, Marlboro etc). Tobacco 30g and 50g:- (Amber leaf, Sterling, Jps players, Gold leaf, Golden Virginia, Pall mall, Holborn yellow, and L&B). Rizla papers small and king size Raw with rouch, elements, rizla blue, green, red, raw pre rolled cones, blunt wraps. Swan extra slim and slim filter tips, menthol tips. Lighters and lighter Gas bottle, lighter fluid,Edge E-liquids, Nordic spirit nicotine pouches, grinder and scales etc.

Customer id required. All beers and mixed alcohol cans like jd cola,captain Morgan cola,Smirnoff cola,Malibu cans,Bacardi cans,wkd cans,Au cans,dead man fingers cans,southern comfort cans,Gordon’s cans,flare cocktails cans and dragon soop cans.

Customer id required. All beers big single bottles and 4pack,6pack bottles etc.

Customer id required. All popular white,rose and red wines, port included and Qc cream, Prosecco, Canti, I heart Prosecco, Buckfast, Qc cream&medium, martini bianco etc 75cl bottles

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