Princes Fish Bar

Fish & Chips Kebab

2B Princes Avenue, Dartford, DA2 6NE

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Served In a brioche bun with choices of sauces and salads. Served with a side of chips

Served with choices of sauces and salads. Chips topped with our own seasoning of oregano, Himalayan salt and paprika..

All of our delicious tortilla wraps are served with a choice of salads and sauces and have a few chips inside the wrap

Our German style doners served in a special toasted bread served including sauce, salad, cheese and jalapeños..

Our special dishes prepared exclusively for you

Large boxes with a selection of a wide variety of our glorious foods.. Ideal for single people or larger family’s / groups

2 Greek Pittas toasted and filled with you choice of Meat/Veg then Salad, Cheese and Sauce. Served with a side of Chips. Serves 2, unless stated

Greek Special Boxes

Freshly prepared tasty salads

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