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Note: All main curry dishes do not include rice or chips


Food allergies and intolerances

Please speak to our staff above the ingredients in your meal when making your order. Products in these premises are fried in oil derived from genetically modified soya.

Pizza cheese (80/20 - Dairy/Vegetable)

Punjab Kitchen has no association with any other restaurant or takeaway.

All Ham is Turkeys Substitute. Garlic Butter is made with Margarine

Served in a fresh naan with choice of salad and sauce

Medium. This dish is cooked in our specially prepared & coconut and cream

Medium hot. Cooked with green chilli, garlic, egg and onion

Medium hot cooked with fresh tomatoes, capsicum, garlic, fresh coriander & special mix spices

Marinated in yoghurt sauce, mixed with specially prepared herbs and spices. slowly cooked on a grill. Served with salad and mint sauce

Sweet & sour. Cooked with pineapple, lentil and fresh cream

Cooked with fresh cream & coconut to create a delicate flavour & creamy texture


Dairy product

Medium. Cooked with mustard oil, tomatoes, garlic, ginger and topped with fried onion, tomatoes, green peppers and ketchup

Medium. Cooked with tomatoes, onion, methi &?coriander

Mild. Cooked in double cream with ground almond and light spices

Rice Dish

Medium. The dish is prepared by frying peas, in a specially prepared spice all then cooked in rice. Served with vegetable sauce

Medium. Cooked in an abundance of deep fried onion, tomatoes and coriander

Medium hot. Spinach cooked with tomatoes, garlic, onion and capsicum with special spices

Medium hot. Cooked with fenugreek leaves

Medium hot. Cooked with garlic, special spices and mixed vegetables, topped with fresh lemon

Medium hot. Cooked in special spices & topped with fried onion, tomatoes, green peppers & garlic.

Fairly Hot. Having a great preparation of tomato, puree and hot spices, providing of fairy hot taste with its richness.

Very hot. Cooked with fresh ginger, garlic and extra hot chilli powder to make this especially hot

Extremely hot. Cooked with lots of garlic, ginger and chilli

Served with salad and choice of sauce.

Add chips for extra £1.00

Served with salad, choice of sauce and chips

English & Continental

Served with salad &?chips

Served with chips & Capri Sun drink

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