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Pancakes -The Chinese Take

What did the duck say to the pancake? Wrap me up, Skippy! We served the best pancakes this side of China. Don't believe us? Try it yourself with any of the following (01-03), served on fresh lettuce bed, finely sliced spring onions, cool julienne cucumber, deep dark luscious hoisin sauce & pancakes

Mixed meat - (beef, chicken, pork)

Seafood - (Prawns, scallops, squid)

Boiled rice is added to a wok, shimmering & smoking with heat, with a few quintessential Chinese ingredients & you have the perfect accompaniment for the main dishes (can be eaten on its own of course). Choose from the following:

Chow means 'fried' & mein means 'noodles'. Our egg noodles with four vegetables are to be 'noodled' as below

Chinese vermicelli are thin strands of noodles combined with exotic ingredients. For our intents & purposes, we use rice vermicelli. This light dish can be enjoyed while 'slurping'

This entry is from Hong Kong & Guanzhou region made with par boiled egg noodles, pan-fried until crunchy on the outside & tender on the inside. Heavenly!

A wide Chinese rice noodles originating from the Southern Chinese province of Guangdong

Now then, lets move south west in our culinary discovery journey to yet another vibrant destination, Thailand. Thai cuisine doesn't need any introduction. Concoction of soulful flavours with fiery spices just about sums it up. Allow us to showcase a sample of Thai cuisine

Our culinary journey would be incomplete without visiting Malaysia. The melting pot of almost all the Southeast Asian cultures & cuisine. A truly remarkable culinary experience which takes inspiration from Indian to Chinese cuisine & everything in between. We would like you to taste a select few dishes from this remarkable region

Laksa (Malay curry based noodle soup)

It is believed that Peranakans, who are the descendants of early Chinese migrants, settled in Malaysia & combined the Chinese Malay & other influences to create unique Peranakan cuisine. The ultimate comfort food. The Malay laksa is a broth with a abase of spicy coconut curry & rice vermicelli

A quick stopover at another Southeast Asian country with rich culinary offerings. We bring you a very special Chinese-Indonesian dish

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