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  • Weekend Only Breakfast !
  • Greek Pies
  • Pittas, Wraps, Ciabattas, Sandwiches
  • Salads
  • Main Dishes
  • Cakes
  • Coffees
  • Iced Coffees
  • Cold Drinks

Weekend Only Breakfast !

  • Kayiana Eggs

    Greek scrambled eggs in tomato sauce with peppers and herbs and feta cheese on sourdough bread. Served with side salad.
  • Cretan Breakfast

    Scrambled eggs on grilled sourdough bread with cherry tomatoes , apaki slices ( unique smoked lean pork of Crete) and Greek sour soft cheese. Served with side salad


  • Vegan Avocado Toast

    Smashed avocado, roasted za'atar chickpeas, sundried tomato, rocket and red onion. Served with side salad


Greek Pies

  • Spanakopita Homemade

    Homemade spinach and feta cheese pie. Served with green leaves


  • Zamponotyropita

    Ham and cheese and tomato sauce pie. Served with green leaves


  • Voskopita Vegan

    Cretan shepherd's pie with wild greens. Served with green leaves


  • Greek cheese pie

    A Greek pie with feta and myzythra cheese. Served with green leaves.
  • Kotopita Greek chicken pie

    Chicken pie with ham,bacon,peppers and gouda cheese . Served with green leaves


Pittas, Wraps, Ciabattas, Sandwiches

  • Skepasti pitta

    Roasted chicken ,tzatziki,tomato,melted cheese,redondo in between two grilled pitta breads.Served with crisps and green leaves


  • Anogia

    Smoked Gretan pork Apaki ,with sour Greek cream cheese , tomato and rocket focaccia. Served with green leaves and crisps.


  • Patzari - Vegan wrap

    Beetroot hummus,za'atar chickpeas and avocado wrap. Served with green leaves and crisps.


  • Melitzana - Vegan Focaccia

    The Vegan blt with grilled Aubergines, hummus,lettuce, tomato and red onion focaccia. Served with green leaves and crisps.


  • Katina Salamaki - Focaccia

    Greek Salami, tomato paste,olives and Cretan cruyere cheese focaccia. Served with green leaves and crisps.


  • B B C - Classic Ciabatta

    Bacon , brie and cranberry sauce large ciabatta. Served with crisps and green leaves


  • Chicken Bacon and Cheese - Ciabatta

    Roasted chicken , crispy bacon and melted cheddar large ciabatta. Served with green leaves and crisps.


  • B L T - Classic ciabatta

    Bacon lettuce and tomato large ciabatta. Served with crisps and green leaves.



  • Greek Salad "Horiatiki" (Vegetarian and Gluten Free)

    Tomato,cucumber,peppers,red onion olives,oregano,feta cheese,olive oil


  • Chickpea and salad with sundried tomato and avocado

    Za'atar roasted chickpeas , with green leaves , sundried tomato, avocado and tahini-lemon dressing.


  • Falafel salad - Vegan

    Green leaves, four falafels,tomato,cucumber, red onion ,olives tahini-lemon dressing


Main Dishes

  • Dolmadakia Stuffed vine leaves- Vegan/Gf

    Stuffed vine leaves ,with rice and herbs. Served with vegan yoghurt and grilled gf bread . Alternatively ask for grilled pitta bread.


  • Butter Beans in Tomato Sauce -Vegan /G F (Vegan)

    Butter beans in tomato sauce with carrots and celery. Served with grilled gf bread and hummus. Alternatively ask for grilled pitta bread .


  • Vegan Moussaka

    Vegan Layers of aubergine, potato and lentils , sundried tomato in tomato sauce. Topped with vegan bechamel sauce. Served with side salad.


  • Greek Gyros

    Pork gyros with tzatziki, tomato and onion. Served with grilled pitta bread and tzatziki


  • Stifado

    Beef stew with tomato sauce and whole small onions. Served with rice and grilled pitta bread.



  • Baklava Vegan Homemade

    Almonds,walnuts,fyllo pastry and sugar syrup.


  • Portokalopita the Greek Homemade Orange Syrup Cake

    Orange syrup cake.


  • Bougatsa

    Vanilla custard cream in crispy fyllo pastry with icing sugar and cinnamon on the top.


  • Ekmek Kataifi Homemade

    Layers of kataifi dough with vanilla custard, whipped cream , syrup
  • Banana Cake Homemade and vegan

    An amazing vegan banana cake with , vegan cheese frosting


  • Baklava Cheese Cake Homemade

    Cheese cake with base made of baklava and covered with wallnuts


  • Chocolate brownie gluten free/ Vegan

    A gluten free dessert with chocolate



  • Americano 354ml

    from £3.20

  • Latte 354ml


  • Cappuccino 354ml


  • Flat White 236ml


  • Hot Chocolate 354ml


  • Mocha 354ml


  • Chai Latte 354ml


  • Espresso 236ml


Iced Coffees

  • Iced Latte 354ml


  • Freddo Espresso 354ml


  • Freddo Cappuccino 473ml


  • Frappe 473ml

    from £3.80

  • Iced chai latte 354 ml


Cold Drinks

  • Coke 330ml


  • Diet Coke 330ml


  • Orangeade Epsa 330ml

    Unique Greek soft drink


  • Lemonade Epsa 330ml

    Unique Greek soft drink


  • San Pelegrino Sparkling Water 330ml


  • Ginger Beer 330ml


  • Still Water 500ml


  • Orangina 330ml




Wednesday, 27 March 2024
It was delicious but the portion was tiny for the price
Friday, 22 March 2024
I order regularly, and will continue to support your restaurant. BUT recently I have had issues with several orders. Today's mousakka actually arrived with most of it cold (the delivery was quick so I am assuming it was not heated properly), and on two other very recent orders the mousakka had very large burnt parts. I sent some feedback by email but didn't hear back. As a loyal customer, I hope this feedback will be taken on board. Thank you.
Saturday, 09 March 2024
Delicious food but the moussaka seems to be different every time I order it!
Friday, 01 March 2024
There was no sweet potato in the chickpea and sweet potato salad!
Wednesday, 22 November 2023
Qupi Cafe Bistro replied
Many thanks Stella !!
Thursday, 09 November 2023
Qupi Cafe Bistro replied
Many thanks Luke !!! Please check our new menu !!!
Tuesday, 10 October 2023
My favourite place to order from. Only wish the portions were bigger but it won't stop me from re-ordering!
Qupi Cafe Bistro replied
Many thanks for your stars Shyam !!! Please check our new menu !!!
Wednesday, 27 September 2023
Qupi Cafe Bistro replied
Hello Katarzyna !!! Really sorry that you were not very happy according to the 3 stars !!! Please check our new menu !!
Tuesday, 12 September 2023
Qupi Cafe Bistro replied
Many thanks Jennifer !!!
Friday, 07 July 2023
Qupi Cafe Bistro replied
Thanks Luke !!!

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