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Starters & Appetisers

The tandoori is a beehive-shaped top opening earthen oven, fires with charcoal in it we roast or bake various marinated in mildly spiced yoghurt.

They are low it calories, nutritious, and delicious.

All tandoori dishes are served with mint sauce and salad.

Favourite dish of the Moghul emperors, collectively spiced and pan-fried with saffron pilau rice and served with a curry sauce

Probably the most authentic dish recognised,

originated deep in the Indian suburbs, marinated

in a sauce and individually cooked in an Indian

style wok with onions, capsicum and coriander.

Vegetarian Main Dishes

This dish is recognised all across the world and is renowned for it's mouth watering taste, creamy texture. Our chef's cook this with marinated tikka to give it the authentic taste.

Vegetable Side Dishes

Served with salad

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