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Served with mint yogurt sauce

Served with naan bread &tandoori sause

Marinated overnight & barbecued over charcoal, cooked with coconut, cream, yougart & light spice

Butter Dishes  (Mild)

Similarly related to korma using garlic butter, coconut & cream

Passanda Dishes (Mild) 

Popular dish cooked with butter, yougart,cocnut & mild spices creating a light dish

Korai Dishes (Medium)                     

A spicy classic using tomatoes, onions,green peppers,corander leaves, fenugreek & relished with fresh garlic

Garlic Saloon  (Medium)                         

A medium dish cooked with sliced garlic, onion, tomatoes, picked chili, methi leaves  & lime.

Balti Masala (Slightly Hot)

An authentic dish using special balti spices, garlic, ginger, spiced yougart & garam masala.

Balti Dishes (Slightly Hot) 

Spicy dish using strong & piquant spices

Rasoon Dishes (Medium)               

Bhuna styled dish with crushed cloves of garlic, yougart & tandoori sause.

Biryani Dishes             

Stir fried with basmati rice & served with a vegetable curry sauce.

Jhalfrezi Dishes      (Fairly Hot)                                     

A spicy dish cooked with diced onion, peppers, fresh chilis & coriander.

Garlic Chili Korai Balti (Fairly Hot)                                   

A mixture of peppers, onion, garlic, ginger. tomato & chili.

Served with chips.

Served with salad & sauces

Served with chips

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