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served with salad & mint sauce

served with salad and & mint sauce

Marinated overnight by our Master Tandoori Chef in a special blend of herbs and spices before being cooked in our traditional Tandoori Clay Oven. Served with salad & mint sauce

Served with salad & mint sauce

Served Mild (can be cooked medium, hot or extra spicy if requested) This classic rice dish is cooked with saffron infused basmati rice, mild spices, and fresh coriander. Served with a choice vegetable curry, Bombay Aloo or curry sauce

At Raj Tandoori we use a traditional Tandoori Clay oven that has been used for thousands of years for cooking marinated meat and vegetables, and baking Naan breads. Only a traditional clay oven creates that distinctive succulent flame-grilled flavour. All tandoori speciality main dishes are served with a choice of plain nan (default), pilau rice or chips and with a mild/hot curry sauce or mint sauce, and fresh salad

Most of the dishes below are relatively mild but we can cook them to be spicier if requested. These dishes are usually eaten as an accompaniment to main courses but we can also cook them as a main dish for you

Our master Tandoori Chef has over 40 years of experience in using a traditional Tandoori Clay Oven and is one the best in the

country in this dying craft.

Our Indian Kebabs are flamed grilled in a special Tandoori kebab sauce with onions and served on a fresh plain or garlic naan. Served with a small chips and separate salad & mint or chilli sauce

All English dishes are served with Chips, Fresh Salad and a choice of ketchup, salad cream, mayonnaise or chilli sauce

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