Indian Kebab

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A specially prepared dish with capsicum, pepper, garlic & fresh tomatoes. Medium strength & a little dry

A thoroughly garnished dish with selected herbs & spices, cooked with fresh coriander giving a medium strength, gravy consistency

Cooked with fresh tomatoes & coriander, extensively treated to give a delicious most tastefully condensed dish

Combination of spices cooked in pineapple & lentils with a hint of lemon juice, giving a beautiful sweet & sour taste

A mild sweet & creamy dish

Raja Cuisine Specialty

Each served with an option of chips or chapati or boiled rice

Plain Curries

All curries can be prepared in medium, madras or vindaloo

Cooked in yoghurt, a little red chilli with a hint of lemon & tomato puree & giving a medium to hot taste

Maximum quantity of onions cooked with fresh herbs & spices to give a medium strength dish

Mildly spiced basmati rice with saffron. Served with curry sauce

All served with chips & salad

All served with chips, salad & sauce

Not included in the burger meal deal

Served with salad & sauce

All served with salad & sauce

Trays of donner meat

All served with kids drink

Made with the finest mozzarella and freshly made garlic spread

Wide range of exclusive slushes

Wide range of exclusive flavors

All puddings served with custard

Our freshly baked waffles with various toppings

Freshly baked cookies

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