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Indian Pakistani

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All served with salad and mint sauce

On fresh nan bread or chapati. All served with salad and mild, medium or hot sauce. Can be served separate on request.

Stir fried with garlic and onions

All tandoori dishes are served with salad, pilau rice or nan only and with yoghurt mint sauce or vegetable curry sauce (hot or medium). Variety of curry sauce can be made for £2 extra.

Tandoori cooking originated in Punjab (North West India now Pakistan). The tandoor is a charcoal or gas fired clay oven used for cooking breads or meats, the temperatures reached inside the tandoor are extremely high, which helps cook very very quickly without burning. Preparation for tandoori cooking is as important as the cooking itself, if not more. The desired meat, chicken or fish is marinated in a special sauce of fresh herbs, spices, yoghurt and unique tandoori pastes, which give tandoori dishes their special taste and aroma which have made it the most popular form of Indian cuisine.

Served with pilau rice or naan (mild)

These dishes first cooked in the tandoor oven and then carefully prepared with fresh cream aromatic ground spices which give unique smell and mild taste to these dishes we are sure you will enjoy these weither you are beginner or already a curry addict.

As tandoori masala but cooked with fresh green chillies to give a sharp hot flavour

Similar to masala, cooked in mild spices in fresh cream and ground almonds and a red wine which forms a rich, sweet creamy sauce

Balti cooking is to the 21st century what tandoori cooking was is the 70's - It is something of a new culinary phenomenon in Great Britain although it has been in Pakistan (where it originated) for centuries. The popular misconception is that it is just one unique dish, it certainly is not. Balti is essentially a method of cooking a wide range of curries quickly on the stove using a balti pan incorporating the technique known in the Indian subcontinent as WAGAR, here the spices are flash fried to release their taste and aroma giving a more ethnic taste to the food, our chef has created balti dishes for you, we sincerely hope you enjoy them.

Served with pilau rice or nan

Served with pilau rice or nan

The following dishes are served with boiled rice or chips, 50p extra for pilau rice or nan. These dishes are carefully prepared without any animal fat or meat products and are cooked specially for vegetarians

Served with pilau rice or nan

Hot or very hot

Prepared in a rich and spicy sauce cooked with capsicum, onions, tomatoes and hot green chillies


A dish introduced during the time of the Mogul Empire in India. Beautifully decorated and prepared with saffron rice, onions, an omelette on the top and served with delicious curry sauce. Variety of curry sauce can be made for £1.50 extra

Choose any of these curries and then choose a preparation from below

The following dishes are served with rice or chips, 60p extra for pilau rice or nan. 90p extra when served with either mushrooms or vegetables

For the most popular forms bread unleavened and of whole meal or lentil flour - varying from the soft crumbling paratha to the crisp plain papadom

Served with chips, salad and dips

Per slice

Served with salad & sauce

Served in sesame seed buns with chips, salad and sauce of your choice

All our bases are made fresh everyday

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