RANA's by Punjabi Cafe

Indian Pizza

457 Bradford Road, Pudsey, LS28 8ED

Delivery from Wed 16:45

All our fatayas are served with chips

All kids meals are served with chips.

Add extra salad for £1.00

Meals are served with sauce, chips and drink can, (Salad & sauce on request)

All kebabs are served with salad and chilli sauce (on request)

All burgers are served with lettuce, mayo, chips and drink can.

(Drinks: Pepsi • Pepsi Max • 7UP) (Salad & sauce on request)

All gourmet burgers are 4oz and served in a gourmet bun with chips and drink can

(Pepsi • Pepsi Max • 7UP) (Salad & sauce on request)

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