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Indian Pizza

77 New Hey Road, Brighouse, HD6 3PY

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Pan pizzas with quality mozzarella cheese

& our very own special sauce

We use turkey substitute for ham, pepperoni & salami

Extra toppings are available

Stir fried basmati rice blended with the finest herbs & spices creating an authentic aromatic taste of the highest quality offered with a helping of biryani sauce for personalized consistency

Rastrick Offers

Served with naan £1.20, rice £1.20, chappati (2) £0.80, garlic naan £1.50 

Add potatoes, mushrooms or chickpeas for 60p extra

All vegetarian dishes are served with 2 free chapati OR rice

Go large for £1.70 extra

Add potatoes, mushrooms, chickpeas OR  extra salad for 50p

Mint sauce extra 60p

Go large for £1.70 extra

All English dishes are served with chips

All kebabs are served with fresh salad & sauce (mint or chilli)

Chargrilled burgers served with fries & salad

Extras available

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