Indian Curry Halal

156 Eign Street, Herefordshire, HR4 0AP

Delivery from 17:45

Note: If your curry requires to be hotter or milder or needs certain adjustments due to allergies or other reasons then this can be arranged. please ask a member of staff....with regards.

There will be an extra charge for delivery orders outside the city limits, please contact Takeaway for information.

These treasures will be accompanied with a bed of fresh continental salad

All of our starter are accompanied with salad & mint sauce

All of our clay oven selection are accompanied with salad & mint sauce

From the famous cuisine of Persia

Flavoured basmati rice cooked with your choice of additive & served with our house vegetable curry & fresh salad

This is a complete meal

Our continental selection is accompanied with chips & a bed of fresh salad

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