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Italian Pizza

Unit 16, Business Centre, Camborne, TR14 7DD

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Note: Our food is made in the traditional way, using traditional ingredients. Everything you can order here will contain gluten; most things also contain lactose. If you are gluten intolerant, please do not order any of our food, as it may be dangerous to you. If you are lactose intolerant, let us know, we do have dairy free milk products and cheese. We use tree nuts and we use peanut butter (in hot chocolate). Eggs are also used in the desserts. We use anchovies, which are fish. Generally, if you are allergic to something, assume we are using it and let us know. Thank you.

COVID-19 Update: By default, we will not slice your pizza, so that the last thing that it touched before going in the box was the 400C oven. Should you like your pizza to be sliced, let us know or select it in the toppings menu.

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