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Please speak to our staff about the ingredients in your meal, when making your order.

Thank you.

*Please note we will be using the same cooking equipment as everything else*

New create your own milkshake just follow the steps - choose your flavour, sauce, with or without cream, colour of sprinkles, what flavour crushed toppings!

Try our new Milkshake or Slushie flavours of the month - last updated November 2023.

5 New Calypso flavoured slushies at Rebecca’s!

This product is not for sale to people under the age of 18. The Elf Bar 600 is a disposable vape device filled with 2% nicotine (20mg Nicotine Strength). 2ml e-liquid capacity. Please note: Required routine age verification will be carried out in in all forms of sales (Deliveries, Collections and in store) so please have valid photographic id with a date of birth at present. This is to confirm the buyer meets the legal age of 18 years or over to buy this product. Examples of Valid Photographic id: -A passport. -A valid European Union or United Kingdom (photocard) driving licence. -Not for sale to those under the age of 18 -Not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women. -Keep away from children and pets.

New 500g bubs sweeties mix resealable grab bags! Did you know all bubs are vegan!

Why not have some sweets with your Chinese :)

Resealable sweetie grab bags - Mixture of either:

Jelly Sweeties only.

Fizzy Sweeties only.

Both Jelly and Fizzy Sweets

New twister milkshakes now available - 3 different twister flavours to choose from!

Why not have some Sweeties with your Chinese :)

Create your own Becca Box! Pick up to 4 items just follow the steps. Includes dip of your choice and can of juice.

Early new release to start of the year - Giant Battered Becca Ball

(Comes with a tub of sauce as well)!



- Shredded Chicken with Chips or Fried rice.

- Chicken slices with Chips or Fried rice.

- Fried Rice.

With our Salt & Pepper Seasoning or Plain!

Becca share boxes comes with everything salt & pepper

Choose a Becca share box from the choices below:

All milkshakes will come with whpped cream on top and decorated with either selected: sprinkles toppings, chocolate toppings & sauce

Salt & pepper battered pizza slices or battered mini pizza bites!

!!!Make any starter salt & pepper for an extra 80p each!

Please note it is approx. 20 minutes wait for steamed buns

*DOES NOT INCLUDE. Please Note - if you would like Rice, Chips or any other sides you will have to buy them separately. Thank you!

Updated - October 2023

We’ve added another new flavour!

***Please note if you choose to “add sauce” to your snack box - this will be added on top of your snack box - we will not put it separate - if you want sauce separate you will have to buy a separate dip***

Chips and cheese with or without sauce!

Includes chips

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