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Red Chilli Signature Dishes

The following mouth watering dishes are freshly cooked to our own recipes, using our own herbs, style and exotic spices for the discerning customer who knows exactly what they want & enjoys good food. Something with excellent presentation & different taste for a change

Popular tandoori curry dishes

The following dishes are marinated in yoghurt, herbs & exotic spices. Then cooked in tandoori oven, which gives these dishes that succulent taste, produces an unique & special flavour of the food. Served with fresh side salad & mint yoghurt sauce

All biryani dishes are cooked with aromatic basmati rice, pure butter ghee & aromatic spices. Each biryani dishes style of cooking,spices are different than others. Some of these biryani are cooked with our own homemade blended spices,

for a maximum taste. Accompanied with delightful mixed vegetable curry.

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