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Indian Curry

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Note: Allergies and intolerances: Please note, most of our dishes contain certain allergens. Please enquire about your meal when ordering and we will be happy to advise you on your choice.

Please be aware that it is illegal to sell alcohol to anyone under the age of 18 and you may have your ID checked on delivery.

All these dishes are grilled on charcoal in our special tandoor (clay oven) & served with salad.


Fairly hot

Very hot

Marinated with herbs & spices, barbecued, then cooked in a special flavoured sauce, butter, fresh cream, a little condensed but one of the most tasteful dishes.

A suitable mildly spiced dish, deliciously prepared with yoghurt, cream & garnished with pistachio nuts & almonds.

A special preparation of spices garnished with tomatoes.

A thoroughly garnished dish of onion, garlic, tomato & selected spices. A dish of medium taste.

A combination of lentils & garlic producing a hot, sweet & sour taste.

A combination of spices, fresh onion & garlic producing a hot, sweet & sour taste.

Well blended mildly spiced curry with fresh sliced pineapple.

Mildly spiced, cooked with a special recipe, added with banana & lychees.

Cooked with fresh spinach.

A maximum quality of seasoned & fresh onion, well fried, applied with dozens of spices with a medium hot taste.

A very aromatic dish treated with pilau rice, rose water & chef's special spices. Comprehensive preparation of delicate character. Served with a vegetable curry to suit almost every kind of palate.

Balti's are sizzling spicy dishes, the traditional cuisine of the Kashmir & Indus valley's. Their exciting taste & aromatic flavours have become a phenomenon in the Midlands. Balti's are cooked in a balti pan, fantastic utensil which looks in the flavour & taste to the dishes.

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